Movie Trailers


I’ve loved movie trailers for as long as I can remember. My family always would sometimes get to a movie an hour before showtime to make sure that we get good seats, so we never missed the previews. I don’t have many trailer related memories from when I was a kid, except for the trailer for Friday the 13th part VIII which started off very slowly, but suddenly became very scary and my sister covered my eyes.

By the time I was in high school, movie trailers started showing up on that’s when it really took off. I remember waiting ages to download a very low resolution version of the trailer for Star Wars: Episode I and watching it over and over and over again. Too bad that turned out so disappointing T_T

In college my first small editing projects were making trailers from the small clips they slowly teased for the Final Fantasy: Spirits Within movie. Funny, in the end that turned out really disappointing too.

Then came a class where an actual trailer editor came as a guest speaker to a class I was an assistant for. I remember being so excited and I just asked a ton of questions, a lot about sound effects. The company that editor worked at I later got an internship at during the last semester at college, and eight or so months after I graduated I got a job opportunity and worked there for three years.

It was pretty much a dream job as I learned everything about the movie trailer industry while I was an assistant editor. I got to learn probably everything you’d ever want to know about making movie trailers even if I never go the opportunity to edit one myself, but I took that experience and got to put it into my next job which leads into my experience with anime.


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