Kung fu

Jet Li in "Fearless"
Jet Li in "Fearless"

My first kung fu movie I vaguely remember watching was a mandarin dubbed VHS of Police Story 3 that my parents were watching. I didn’t see the entire movie, but I remember the helicopter scene at the end and my mom telling me that Jackie Chan did all his own stunts. I think I was in early adolescence at the time. Later, the Brattle Theatre in Boston started showing Hong Kong double features every Wednesday so I went to almost all of them with my mom. I’ve been hooked ever since.

Starting around 2004 I started taking martial arts classes. I first started at a hapkido school which I went to for about a year and a half. By then I realized that school was really commercial and just bad so I left and visited a few other schools before finding the one I’m at now which is a Chinese martial arts school which is exponentially better. My sifu is very Chinese and watching him move is like watching a movie. If/when he retires I think I’ll have difficulty finding someone as good as him. Taking kung fu lessons gives me new enjoyment and appreciation for the movies. It’s like watching the movie with totally new eyes.


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