I was born in Boston, MA and went to NYU majoring first in photography and the film/tv production where I focused more on post-production editing and sound. Since I graduated in 2003 I’ve lived in Brooklyn. All my life I’ve been a nerd. At this point I’d say some of the things I’m nerdiest about are definitely food, movies, movie trailers, anime and video games.

I have a daily webcomic called Kick in the Head which is about my mundane adventures, joys and frustrations from living in New York City.


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks for taking pictures of Anna’s Bento Box creations! They really made my day.

    Since you are into Kung-fu movies, you may enjoy my boyfriend’s website teleport-city.com. He reviews all different types of movies, but he started with Kung Fu movies.

  2. Hooray! Nice blog – those totoro treats are amazing! Love all the yummy photos and you’re very accurate review of Momofuku – meh is right.
    I’ll be sure to stop by again ^ ^

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