Japan Trip 2016 – Travel Tips!

I’m not going to bother doing an extensive breakdown of what we did on Day 8 since it was just waking up and going to Narita. Instead I’m just going to skip straight to the travel tips! The most important tips will be at the top, but latter parts of this post I ended up just putting everything I could think of.

Tired after my trip to Japan, but actually I could’ve stayed for much longer.

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Japan Trip 2016 – Day 7

Once again I woke up really early this day, so much so that I decided to just go out for a walk in Shibuya and listen to the latest episode of the Idle Thumbs podcast.

What’s up Shibuya? I’m looking really intense here for some reason.

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Japan Trip 2016 – Day 4

Day 4 was our big travel day. We were finally taking the Shinkansen bullet train! We made another stop at the Lawson to get some rice balls and other food for breakfast. Then we took the subway to Shinagawa to get a ticket to Nagoya. I was a little worried about buying shinkansen tickets, but the ticket takers spoke very good English.

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Taking the subway to Shinagawa

Another thing to note about Japan is how QUIET it is in public places like subway trains and the Shinkansen. Of course Japanese people can be loud and rowdy as any other people, but when in shared public spaces they’re generally very respectful of people around them. Continue reading

Japan Trip 2016 – Day 3

The first time I went to Tsukiji with Anna we got there around 6:00 AM. This time I didn’t want to rush everyone out the door too early so I said it’d be okay if we left the apartment around 6:30 AM.

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Well, the IDEA was for it to not be rushed but…

It seriously bears repeating. Get this thing ASAP!

JAPAN TRAVEL TIP: I said this in a previous post, but it bears repeating that you should get your Suica card AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Suica cards are what you use to take the subway no matter which line you need. You put money on it as needed instead of having to deal with tickets. Since the subway lines are privately owned, the biggest problem with tickets is you have to get ones specific to the subway line. If you get the wrong ticket you can’t go through the turnstile. With a Suica card you just tap, and go through. You buy them from specific Suica card machines that have a black border around them. Continue reading

Japan Trip 2016 – Day 2

Day 2 was the “relax day” I put into our schedule because I wanted to give us a day where we didn’t have to be rushing around, getting in long lines or having stressful time constraints.

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A familiar site waking up incredibly early while crazy jetlagged

I woke up before everyone else around 3AM so I just lay in bed until everyone was ready to shower up and get ready for the day. I wanted to stay off my phone as much as possible during the trip, but when you’re waiting around doing nothing there aren’t many options. Somehow it didn’t occur to me to turn on the TV and enjoy all the wonders that Japanese TV holds like endless programming about food, weird reaction videos, game shows and anime. Continue reading